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Enforce Efficiency in Your Law Enforcement Fleet

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Improve the driving experience for your officers while improving fuel efficiency up to 12%, and decreasing your fleet’s carbon footprint and costs with vehicle software upgrades instead of buying new vehicles. These improvements happen automatically, requiring no officer training or reporting.  

A lot of our officers don't even know it's in their car. They just get in and know it performs better. Installation process is simple: it takes 15-20 minutes to do. You just read the screen and install it. It's simple and good to go.
Bill May, Port St. Lucie Police




Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reduce Carbon Footprint

For an average 100-vehicle fleet,
there’s a reduction of 131 tons
in CO2 emissions without changing
driver behavior or buying new vehicles
Save Fuel in Idle

Save Fuel in Idle

The average 100-vehicle fleet saves
13,306 gallons of fuel or $38,056 per year
Improve Performance

Improve Performance

Vehicles become efficient without
sacrificing performance, allowing patrol
vehicles to go from idle to pursuit in a matter of seconds
Simple Installation

Simple Installation

With more than two million installations,
this easy install requires no tools or shop time
and the software upgrades maintain factory warranties