Telematics not solving your problems?

2m vehiclesTraditionally, telematics data only report on usage parameters such as speeding, excess idling and harsh driving. Derive improves basic telematics data with activated, vehicle-centric solutions. Rely on your vehicles themselves, not your drivers’ behavior, to improve your fleet’s performance.
Derive's solutions enable fleet managers to set usage parameters reflecting their fleet’s unique requirements in order to make their fleets more fuel efficient while also maintaining sustainability standards.

Inside Active Telematics™  with Derive


Dashboards can only take you so far. Derive’s solution shifts the responsibility from the driver to the vehicle to deliver immediate fleet performance improvements along with telematics insights.

Derive is an automotive technology company that empowers fleets to upgrade their vehicles by optimizing how they perform. With over 2 million software installations, Derive has transformed fleet performance from one-size-fits-all to mission-specific, going beyond traditional telematics and driver training.


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